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The picture shows a girl running in the lake Vänern.
Lake Vänern is third largest lake in Europe and has 22,000 islands, islets and skerries.
The picture shows the picassos culpture and the lake Vänern.
The Picasso sculpture is Kristinehamn´s most famous "celebrity".
The picture shows the lovely forrest filled with sun.
The Iron Trail passes through beautiful countryside and histrical terrain.
Krukmakeri hemjord has ceramics, tea, coffee and decorative articles for the home.
Ölme diversehandel och café
On the picture you can look at the island Alvön, the sunbathing island.
Alvön is the sunbathing island which many say has Lake Vänern´s prettiest rocky beaches.
Lev Vackert is a unique and inspirational boutique for a gracious lifestyle.
The picture shows the boeier.
The boeier Christine af Bro has become a reminder of the times when Kristinehamn was lake Vänern´s most important seaport town.

Welcome to Kristinehamn


You will find the tourist information at www.visitkristinehamn.se/en

This charming archipelagic idyll is the perfect place not only for an active holiday but also for relaxation and indulgence.

Right now you can look at first-class art at the Kristinehamn Art Museum, one of the world’s biggest Picasso monument sculptures and go back 100 years in time at the charming museum Ölme diversehandel och kafé. It is also the perfect time to hike in the tracks of the iron. The Iron Trail follows the path of the iron to Lake Vänern. You pass through varied countryside, several historical places such as two ironworks (now closed down) and a hill fort from the Iron Age.

In the summertime you can go island-hopping, take the boat to Karlstad or go with boat trips in the archipelago on the historical vessel Christine af Bro

- these are just some of the things you can experience in Kristinehamn. Your holiday memories are sure to be long and fond!

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